Société : STI-La Sous-Traitance Industrielle sa
Mr Goffinet Claude
Fonction : Administrateur Délégué
Adresse : 14, rue Fonds de Forêt
Code postal : B - 4623
Ville : Magnée
Tel : +32 4 274 51 10
Fax : +32 4 274 51 12
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Pays : Belgique



High Precision for Milling, Turning, Grinding, Welding and assembly

Our main business is manufacturing of precision Mechanical Components and Assemblies for aeronautical, automotive, medical and defense markets.

Since 1986, STI La Sous-Traitance Industrielle sa deals with major European companies offering an outstanding production of milled, turned, grinded parts of several dimensions and for all metals.

We can work an extremely wide range of metals (bars, flats, forgings, castings,…)

We would like :

  • to be a partner able to answer to customers requirements in sub-contracting activities
    • Costs reductions at short, middle and long term
    • Reliability and risks management
    • Service and continuous improvement
    • Up-to-date technologies
  • To manage the projects in order to achieve customers satisfaction
  • To be profitable through focusing on core business and scale economies
  • To develop some production with value added in low cost countries through our subsidiaries.

Some keys

To meet the needs of our customers and to give maximum precision and quality of the parts, we have on our Herstal site:

  • Milling (Maximum 1200x500x500mm)
  • Turning (from 5 mm to 450 mm)
  • Grinding
  • Welding
  • Marquing
  • EDM
  • Assembly
  • Quality and control

Secteur : Usinage par enlèvement de matière
Certifications : -
Entreprise de plus de : 1000 personnes
Langue parlées : Francais, Anglais...
Unité de production a l'étranger : Non